Royal Harbour Hotel

Royal Harbour Hotel_22


“When capturing the character of a business, these snippets of idiosyncrasy are often what separates it and demonstrates its uniqueness”


The Royal Harbour Hotel, Ramsgate, facing the sea in a harbour town which, due to its geographical location has long been the historical front for British conflict throughout history.

Considering this, and understandably, the business roots itself and themes of the British empire, which will have been at its height during the time in which the buildings that the hotel now resides were built. This is particularly demonstrated by the accompanying restaurant, The Empire Room, which is filled with all sorts of memorabilia and nostalgia pertaining to the might that it once had. When capturing the character of a business, these snippets of idiosyncrasy are often what separates it and demonstrates its uniqueness, certainly for this business, its quaint eccentricities are key to its unique selling point and so demonstrates perfectly why images such as the above are crucial for communicating these important elements to potential clients.